Java Consulting


Flammen  has more than a decade’s experience in offering top-notch Java consulting services. With our extensive experience in software application development and implementation, we can help our clients gain maximum value from our IT services. Our Java consulting services help global enterprises to streamline their business processes by building next generation web and enterprise applications. With our deep-domain expertise in Java technologies, we have built world-class applications that swiftly automate business processes and improve business performance.

We have been highly successful in implementing enterprise solutions built using Java technologies. The solutions that we offer are highly robust, secure and scalable. We have a dedicated research and development team, which adds immense value to our clients and has helped in streamlining and scaling their IT operations. Over the years, we have gained deep-domain expertise in software development using Java technologies.


Why Choose Flammen?

We have strong capabilities in providing Java consulting services, our team adopts an innovative approach to develop and implement Java applications across your enterprise. We have gained the ability to develop enterprise applications in a thin client-tier environment using proven design frameworks. Our robust Java enterprise and web applications streamline your business processes and provide value for investments. Utilizing our expertise in Java consulting services, your business stands to gain the following benefits:

  • Portability / Platform Independence – We develop applications that can run on all major operating systems / platforms.
  • Performance – The performance of applications created by Flammen is highly robust and dependable.
  • Highly Secure – We create applications that are highly secure and can be confidently deployed over networks.
  • Stability – Our web and enterprise applications are highly stable.



Java Consulting Offerings

We provide comprehensive Java consulting services and solutions that take care of all our clients business needs and requirements. We adopt standardized development process and make use of established practices to offer our consulting services. Our rich experience and proven industry experience enables us to develop software applications that work efficiently across your enterprise. The software applications, which we develop have immense capabilities and can handle large and complex transactions for vast database-oriented N-tier applications. Below are our core Java development services:

Core Java Technology Offering:

  • Architecture Definition and Assessment
  • Java/ J2EE Application Development
  • Enterprise Java Development
  • Maintenance and Re-engineering

We have deep-domain expertise in creating distributed, multi-tier and network-enabled applications utilizing Java. Our ability to create multi-tier applications that are scalable, accessible and manageable has helped enterprises to improve their IT operations. We have helped them to develop highly agile and portable software applications using Java technologies. Making use of multi-tier architecture helps us to develop large-scale, all-encompassing software applications for our clients.



We utilize proven tools and frameworks to develop web and enterprise-scale applications based on Java technologies. Our unique approach helps businesses improve time to market and overall quality of their web and enterprise applications. We have been assisting leading businesses by creating next generation enterprise applications utilizing popular Java tools and frameworks. We assist our clients choose the right tools and frameworks to create world-class software product for their business needs, which improves productivity, reduces code complexity, and improves overall application performance.

The innovative tools and frameworks allow us in making our software development smooth and efficient. Our solutions help businesses optimize performance of their enterprise systems. We have competencies in latest Java technologies that include:

Struts Framework JavaServer Faces (JSF) JavaScript
Hibernate Framework NetBeans IDE Spring Core
Spring Framework Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) Spring MVC
JAX-RS Angular.js Spring Security
Spring JDBC REST Apache Commons

Our Java consulting services allow enterprises to reduce their operating costs, improve application performance and provide greater flexibility in application development.

Key Differentiators

Our software engineers are highly experienced in developing and deploying highly complex Java applications. Our core focus remains on software development and delivery, which allows us to provide effective and timely solutions to the IT needs of our clients. We are known for using reliable frameworks and methodologies to build robust solutions that reduce costs and harness complete potential of Java, without compromising on quality. Here are some of our key differentiators:

Java Consulting Key Differentiators
  • Professional Development Teams – Dedicated offshore software engineering teams comprising of highly qualified, skilled and talented professionals helping us leverage Java / J2EE technologies for the benefit of our clients.
  • Research and Development – Extensive research and development helps our teams to develop new standards and frameworks that can exploit the complete potential of Java technologies.
  • Emerging Technologies – Our core Java development teams use emerging Java / J2EE technologies, frameworks and tools to develop multi-tier applications that are highly scalable and can be tailored to meet our clients business needs.
  • Rapid Deployment – Our software architects and developers create reliable applications within stipulated cost and specified time frames, which help our clients gain a quick ROI.
  • Secure Applications – Proven capabilities to create web and enterprise applications that are highly scalable and secure.
  • Agile Practice – We follow agile practice that ensures timely delivery and reduces overhead costs, resulting in sustainable savings for our clients. Additionally, it gives enhanced flexibility to our clients.
  • Offshore Model – Results in significant cost savings and adds overall business value to our clients.