Automated equipment monitoring system


The Automated equipment monitoring system (AEMS) is realized as a web based system. The system provides an opportunity to monitor the equipment used in enterprises such as pumps, valves , cranes and etc. The use of  automated equipment monitoring system does not require to buy additional software licenses. Furthermore, the system is created to be absolutely platform independent and you are able to install it on Windows or Linux operation systems.



  • Create/Edit/Print of repair cards for installed equipment
  • Planning and generation of maintenance and scheduled maintenance
  • Maintain a register of all equipment as well as visualization the register in tree structure
  • Monitoring the operations of the equipment in real time (pumps, valves and etc.)
  • Automated notifications by SMS or phone calls in emergency situations
  • Maintain of the whole warehouse stock operations(requests for new/adding/correction/removal of stock parts)
  • More than 100 reports
  • Configuration of user privileges and roles


Benefits of using Automated equipment monitoring system

  • Cost savings for repair by carrying out active monitoring and notifications in case of problems in the operations of equipment
  • Optimization of the processes related to maintenance checks and repair teams.
  • Facilitating of the processes regarding planning of maintenance checks of equipment
  • Automatic calculation of repair costs for each equipment during exploitation period based on forecasts
  • Warning functionality in case of increased overall repair costs for any of the equipment in the system
  • Possibility to create hierarchy in the equipment
  • Assistant functionality to ease the decision process on whether and how many spare parts you should buy
  • 100+ reports
  • Without the need of additional licenses
  • Central installation, no need to install the system on every computer



 Repair cards      parts       repair cards adding person to maintanence team



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