Automated notification system


The Automated notification system (ANS) is realized as a web based system. The system uses an individual open source PBX. The use of  automated notification system does not require to buy additional software licenses. Furthermore, the system is created to be absolutely platform independent and you are able to install it on Windows or Linux operation systems.



  • Phone notifications
  • SMS notifications
  • Email notifications
  • Monitoring of the announcement process
  • Configuration of contacts and their groups
  • Configuration of prerecorded voice messages, SMS and Email templates
  • Configuration of the number of calls to each contact, priorities of contacts, waiting time, pin code for acknowledgement and etc.
  • Outbound / Inbound calls from / to the system
  • Schedule for the start of announcement process
  • History of all notifications as well as ability to export the data in xls format



  • Automated notification system could be directly installed on a client side hardware. This option allows you to choose how many simultaneous channels you need for your case.
  • Automated notification system allows integration with external telephone systems operating at the client side using SIP trunks or E1 routers
  • Automated notification system could be installed directly at the client location but to use communication delivered by Flammen Ltd.  In this case you only have to pay the costs of the phone expenses and you are not required to buy any additional hardware.


Benefits of using Automated Notification System

  • Optimization of the time needed to notify employees or simply contacts during emergency situations
  • Possibility to use different types of notification processes depending on situation – voice, SMS, Email or hybrid/combined.
  • Possibility to monitoring of the announcement process
  • Possibility to record voice messages in real time
  • Possibility to integrate the system in various ways
  • Without the need of additional licenses
  • Central installation, no need to install the system on every computer



ans_4 automated notification system     ans_2 automated notification system     ans_3 automated notification system



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