Electricity sales system


The Electricity sales system is used for conducting online auctions for electricity sales. It is a web based application designed to facilitate and accelerate the process of applying for auctions. The main goal of the system is the sale of electric energy produced by ”TPP Maritsa East 2” EAD and ”Natsionalna elektricheska kompania” EAD.  These systems are similar but not exactly the same as they provide different classification mechanisms and specific functionalities to each company. This application appeared to be the first official government electricity sales system in Bulgaria.



  • Online submission of offers for each tender and lot
  • Automatic classification for each tender
  • Internal communication between internal and external users
  • Automatic generation of annexes and reports
  • Many more…


Benefits of using Electricity Sales System

  • Cost savings for not traveling to the location of each company just for participating in a tender. Now everything is on one click distance.
  • Absolutely transparent and automated classification mechanism.
  • No influence of third parties during tenders.
  • Central installation, no need to install the system on every computer



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